Reward Jar (toilet training)
Reward Jar (toilet training)
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Reward Jar (toilet training)

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A very handy and everyday essential reward jar for parents who are starting to potty train their young tots. Parents use the reward jar to encourage the kids to follow the training.

It’s exciting for your child to earn a wee or a poo shaped token when they have successfully done their job. You should always encourage when they have tried as well. 

Child and Parents approved, and works successfully for toilet training. 

The set includes: 

(a) One regular-size (A4) acrylic reward-jar shaped cutout board. Comes with a thread/ribbon to be used for hanging the reward-jar 

(b) 9 wees and 3 poos acrylic tokens to be stuck with velcro on the reward-jar

Please note: 

- This is a product printed on acrylic. This makes it durable, but product could develop small crack marks on the edges with usage over time

- We use a thick sheet of acrylic (3-4 mm), but acrylic is brittle by nature and so, needs to be handled with care  

- As products are made by hand in small-scale and not in a factory-setting, the final finish on the products may vary

-  Slight black marks may sometimes appear on the back-side (hidden side) of the products during printing, but that would not impact the front usable side of the product 

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