Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) (1.5-6 years old)
Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) (1.5-6 years old)
Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) (1.5-6 years old)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) (1.5-6 years old)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) (1.5-6 years old)

Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) (1.5-6 years old)

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Juggle Brain's "Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills)" for 1.5-6 years old

Juggle Brain's Jumbo Box (Fine Motor Skills) is a great way of letting your child develop their key fine motor skills with the help of fun activities!

This box is a one-box purchase (not a subscription)

This box contains engaging activities loved by parents and educators alike! Choose from two age-appropriate options:

(1) For 1.5 - 2.5 years old (Junior Fine Motor Skills box)

Dear Li'l Juggle Brainer: This box has been specially made for you to enjoy, have  fun and engage:
1- Can you try to put the pipe cleaners into the rolls. They are small, so you might have to work on it a little bit and develop those fine motor skills and hand muscles to later help you with writing.
2- The Fine Motor skills activity box- How about pulling out those plastic tokens and putting them in the box, pulling out a scarf, and popping different textures and materials inside the box. Gives a good sense of spatial awareness, together with developing their fine motor skills.

3- The sticky Mat. You have a roll of sticky paper. Stick it to a Glass window, fridge, or any place accessible for the kids. (Grey side to stick to the wall), Pull out the white backing and let them stick various objects from around the house. Maybe a small ball, some toys, plastic spoon. Start with the connecting shapes link in the box. After use put the white backing back again. Enjoy multiple times.

4- Enjoy the Sensory play. Its never too early to start with Sensory play. Use the bucket and spoon to fill the basket, inflate the sensory tray . Dont forget to have some fun with the little sweep and clean up. (its the favourite part for some kids)Enjoy endless fun .

5- The Pippette- At this age children can really try to press, and grasp , give them some water in a cup and some kitchen towel. let them squeeze out water. (Add food colouring for some extra colourful fun.

(2) For 2.5 - 6 years old

What's Inside This Box For 2.5 - 6 years old: 10 Activities 

  1. Cube colour matching on a mat (small 1cm cube) 
  2. Lacing Fingers
  3. Pairing Screws 
  4. Link and Learn connecting Links
  5. Peg Puzzles Matching 
  6. Pom Pom pick with scoop scissors and Tongs 
  7. Cutting skills with Kids Scissors 
  8. Tracing Patterns 
  9. Coloured Popsicles Pattern Match 
  10. Play-dough Instructed activity 


Please note:

- Actual products may differ from the ones shown in product images or videos

- All activities require adult supervision (may contain small parts).


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